About Us

INNs-Pro is mainly engaged in the manufacture of handmade leather goods. At present, there are expensive leather goods brands on the market, but they are more aggressive in terms of price and have certain claws in custom production.

INNs offers innovative and high-end design, as well as custom size or lettering services. Buy your own leather goods at an affordable price.

At different seasons, during the festive season, with unique leather goods for gifting purposes, INNs can provide beautiful packaging, or handwritten cards, to send their own thoughts.

INNs also offer business solutions such as souvenirs, giveaways or gift returns. With a noble and elegant leather goods as a company impression return partner.

In addition, in busy cities, urban people tend to hide work pressure, and proper pressure relief methods are required. INNs support easy living, so INNs branch INNs-Cooking.

INNs-Cooking is the main force to share the experience of cooking, and share it with the hot cooking tools. I hope that urbanites will have more understanding before purchasing expensive kitchen utensils. INNs-Cooking will not be sold or promoted, just want to provide a sharing platform to reduce stress by cooking.